Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post a personals ad and this is what you get...

So I got myself an account on Yahoo! personals with the intent of laughing at any poor sucker that attempts to communicate with me. This week I received this winner in my mailbox.

"Hallo, Natalia...
I love very much to see your photos on my internet. You are the woman whom I am so interested in because I see your long blonde hair, white, and I hope smart,kind heart, family-minded too.
Ohya, I live in Jakarta-Indonesia, postgradute, and now I am so seriously looking for a pretty woman to share my life as a friend or more. I dont know you respond my interest or not. But, if possible, please send me your nice message by email, chat, or mail as well.
Natalie, have you heard about my country, Indonesia ? whenever you intend to visit my country, please contact me before."
Thanks a lot and love to see you again.
Best regards,
Didik S

I'm guessing he probably looks something close to this picture in real life
So many things wrong with this message! But lets start with the positive- he loves seeing images of me very much- that's definitely an ego booster. Yes, I do happen to be white and have long blonde hair. Thanks for noticing. Also note how he says "hope to see you again"- as if. Especially since he's never seen me. Also, Natalia? That's not even my name. If you ever want to have a shot you better get my name right. Did I also mention this dude is 38 and still lives with his parents?

Sorry Didik, I'm never coming over to Indonesia and I will not be sending you nice messages or sharing my life with you.

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