Saturday, November 29, 2008

The LA Lifestyle

I don' think I could put these in order but here they are: some of the most awesome things that I'm thankful for since my move from frumpy ol' Ohio to Los Angeles,CA!

1. Meeting Milo Ventimiglia of Gilmore Girls/Heroes/Rocky 5 fame

2. Getting a Job at Guess at Hollywood & Highland

3. Visiting the Heroes set which I can walk to

4. Moving into a super cool apartment

5. Glimpsing the Twilight Premiere in Westwood & Seeing the cast

6. Joining a nifty church called Mosaic that meets at a nightclub and making good friends there

7. Going to school at a beautiful campus with great teachers

8. Being a member at one of the largest libraries in the world and enjoying the amazing selection they have to offer

9. Random celeb spotting/ tv & movie filming in my neighborhood

10. Buying things on the cheap at Santee Alley. shhh don't tell

11. Late night girl dates with Melanie on Santa Monica Pier

12. Driving up the beautiful Mullholland Drive

13. Living in the city at long last


  1. I am jealous, let me tell you.
    Especially of you seeing the Twilight premiere. Damn you.

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