Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Silly Words

Crop Dusting:

farting while walking;
walking while farting;
Ex. i crop dusted my way down the aisle at the grocery store

Thanksgiving pants:

Pants that are worn in anticipation of eating a huge meal (i.e. Thanksgiving dinner). These pants usually boast an elastic waist, to allow some give for that third helping of sweet potato pie.
Ex. The girls and I are going to a buffet for dinner, so I'm wearing my Thanksgiving pants.

Shuffle Shame:

"Shuffle shame" is when your mp3 music player is playing on speakers in shuffle mode, and somebody enters the room at the exact moment the worst song of your collection is being played.
Ex. I felt shuffle shame when Tony came to the office today, my iPod was playing Paris Hilton's single as he came in.
Here's mine:

all courtest of urbandictionary.com

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