Monday, April 20, 2009

A Crush To Pass The Time

So in order to escape the business of real life- lately I've been daydreaming way to much about this certain person I've only met once, but hey, it passes the time and gives me something to smile about
There's a song by Plushgun that summarizes these feelings perfectly
Plushgun - A Crush To Pass The Time
Plushgun - A Crush to Pass the Time (Don Diablo Remix)

Lyrics (condensed)
When I first laid eyes on you
I felt a flash of déjà vu
And though I'd see you once again
I knew that we would just be friends
It's too much work to say it now
It's just a crush to pass the time
And the dreams, they come again
Where I'll see you dancing with talking heads
But you'll never know of this affliction
It's emotional addiction
It's easy when you stand in line
I see your name right next to mine
How many words are in a smile
I guess you're not the flirting kind

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