Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Great Tune

What Else is There (Ministry of Sound Remix)
Fabulous, eerie beautiful song. The remix is much better than the original.

Royksopp - What Else is There (Ministry of Sound Remix)

Dita is a fancy lady

I've been following Dita Von Teese on Twitter, and I must say I can't think of a more fabulous life than she has. Performing and traveling in Paris, Moscow, LA, and now Cannes all in like 2 weeks time, with goody baskets and fruit bouquets backstage at every show, free Christian Louboutin shoes, designer couture fittings, not to mention being totally gorgeous and the best self styled woman out there. Go Dita!

This picture is of her in Cannes, France for the Cannes Film Festival

Not sure how he became a model...

A model at a Danish fashion show. Scary looking, no?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Blimey! This man candy is bloody marvelous

I think that I will be continuing to use as many British phrases as I possibly can into everyday life.
Blimey= God Blind Me aka totally amazing!
Bloody= Awesome!

If anyone is ever curious about my taste in men, these two luvvly-jubbly guys (A Danish model & Zachary Quinto) are it.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Silly Things

Who wouldn't love a face like that?

I squint my eyes so I can only see his chicly dressed torso, forget the short/tights

Fanny Packs, Y'all

This couple actually had a Shrek themed wedding. At least they look the part

Weekly Ear Tingler

Bloc Party - Ion Square (Joel's Bright Lights Don't Bore Me Yet version)
This song is so amazing I've listened to it like 10 times at least, and its 8 minutes long! Def. check out

Bloc Party - Ion Square (Joel's Bright Lights Don't Bore Me Yet version)

PS. they're British too ;-)

Lil' Ole Summer Frock

It's me and my b+w dress from Forever 21, with vintage belt

Louboutins I Love

If I had thousands of extra dollars sitting around perhaps a few would go to buy these beauties. Available at Neiman Marcus

Sorry, I'm an Anglophiliac now

In case you didn't know, an Anglophiliac is someone who has an unusual admiration or partiality for England, English ways, or all things English. Lately, I've taken a snapshot of my life and realized that pretty much everything I LOVE at the moment is British or in the UK. So here's my list of current British obsessions:

1. Russell Brand. He is excellent, I've spoken with him in the flesh and he is just an extraordinary human. His stand up comedy is rolling on the floor hi-lar-i-ous.

2. Kelly Brook. She's an actress in Britain, and I admire her purely for her gorgeousness. The body - the hair, she is as womanly as it gets

3.Jack Tweed. He's famous for being on Big Brother UK and is the widower of Jade Goody. Sure, he's got two kids, but he's still got style

4.Girl's Aloud. They are on okay-ish sounding pop group, but I love the styling for their promo shots and music videos, all glamour and cheese

5.Bat For Lashes (Mainly Natasha Khan) This UK band not only makes GREAT music, but also features some really unique styling and makeup choices.

6.BBC Radio Podcasts. Those accents are so smooth and sexy, I feel that the more I listen to them the more I will start incorporating that British lull to my voice

7.Anna Friel. Star of Pushing Daisies my favorite dearly departed TV show, she will be starring in the upcoming movie "Land of The Lost" with Will Ferrell
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