Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sorry, I'm an Anglophiliac now

In case you didn't know, an Anglophiliac is someone who has an unusual admiration or partiality for England, English ways, or all things English. Lately, I've taken a snapshot of my life and realized that pretty much everything I LOVE at the moment is British or in the UK. So here's my list of current British obsessions:

1. Russell Brand. He is excellent, I've spoken with him in the flesh and he is just an extraordinary human. His stand up comedy is rolling on the floor hi-lar-i-ous.

2. Kelly Brook. She's an actress in Britain, and I admire her purely for her gorgeousness. The body - the hair, she is as womanly as it gets

3.Jack Tweed. He's famous for being on Big Brother UK and is the widower of Jade Goody. Sure, he's got two kids, but he's still got style

4.Girl's Aloud. They are on okay-ish sounding pop group, but I love the styling for their promo shots and music videos, all glamour and cheese

5.Bat For Lashes (Mainly Natasha Khan) This UK band not only makes GREAT music, but also features some really unique styling and makeup choices.

6.BBC Radio Podcasts. Those accents are so smooth and sexy, I feel that the more I listen to them the more I will start incorporating that British lull to my voice

7.Anna Friel. Star of Pushing Daisies my favorite dearly departed TV show, she will be starring in the upcoming movie "Land of The Lost" with Will Ferrell

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