Saturday, June 13, 2009

A little thing called life goals

My Must Do List:
*Drive a vintage Porsche convertible on the PCH (Pacific Coast highway)

*Have a conversation (maybe interview?) with Dita Von Teese

*Ask a handsome man on a date to go flea marketing for treasures

*Ask a French male tourist in Hollywood to go sightseeing with me (Maybe this is dangerous....)

*Go skiing in the Swiss Alps, then retreat back to a toasty lodge

*Meet Bret McKenzie of Flight of The Conchords

*Learn how to make those fancy fruit tarts that they have at the Whole Foods bakery

*Go knock-off designer accessory shopping in Hong Kong

*Give the burlesque dancing arts a shot

*Eat at Casa Bonita in Denver,CO with someone who has never been there

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