Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to go from frumpy dump to pinup bombshell: a step by step guide

It took me a good long while to finally emerge out of those awkward teen years and to learn all those "tricks" the pretty ladies know. Now that I'm almost 20, I thought I'd share a few of my tips and tricks with y'all.

Before & After

Natalie (me) all geeked out in glasses, a hoodie, and greasy hair

The magic tools- the makeup I used

No more glasses- this is Natalie au naturale

Just Makeup Forever foundation on

I added blush (cream and dry), eyeliner, cream eyeshadow, mascara, and lipgloss

Hairs coming down now

Baby powder!!! The best thing to get rid of greasy hair- use with caution if you're not blonde

Sprinkle it on lightly to darker spots and brush through

More tools- hairspray and a comb

Spray underneath the hair and tease with a regular fine tooth comb

Stick in the hot rollers- this will create some nice Hollywood waves

Voila! After hair and makeup this is quite the leap

I put on a little red dress, that hugs all them curves

And again- the before and after!


  1. omg so i was searching for makeup looks that would go perfectly with my red dress which kinda looks just like yours and i came across this and wooooooow you look gorg in that dress and you have the nicest curves, girl you better work and i know you killed them in that dress

  2. Va va voom! I love a beautiful womanly body. This is where I've been trying to get my body for two years. Everyone called me stick stickly. Not sexy! You look damn good. This is the definition of gorgeous

  3. I am so gonna try the hair thing Natalie!
    I never do anything to my hair, but that looks so pretty! :D


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