Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photoshoot: Rachel Hurd Wood

Rachel is an up and coming British actress who recently starred in the new Dorian Gray movie- but I know her as Wendy from the cheesy CGI version of Peter Pan w/ Jeremy Sumpter

Weekly Ear Tingler

My Keys, Your Boyfriend by Everything Everything.

WHOOOAAAAAA this song has me losing myself every single time, its like eyes rolling back in your head good.

Gorgeous paper artwork

This must've taken forever!

When you run out of things to decorate with- use books!

Vintage Hottie Of The Week

The lovely Italian babe, Claudia Cardinale

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Super AMAZING hillside house in Switzerland

I saw these pictures and fell in love. This house is the coolest thing ever.

Suga Lips

Jessica Rabbit Vogue photoshoot

Jessica Rabbit is the voluptuous vixen best known from old Roger Rabbit cartoons- and one of my personal glamour icons ;)
Vogue recently decided to use Jessica as inspiration for one of their new photoshoots and I absolutely love it!

Karl Lagerfeld does human Ken w/ faux Barbie

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