Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My top 2 male turn offs

1. Hideous, outdated sunglasses. I cannot state how incredibly unattractive 90's sunglasses are. Why are people still wearing them?! I know you're not all on your way to a NASCAR game.

Instead: Wayfarers are a much safer and more comely option (you could also do aviators, but those are starting to get risky) Don't worry about looking like a hipster, people of all ages look fantastic in these.

2.Goatees- are disgusting. You went to all that effort to manscape your face, only to look like a middle aged dad with 3 small children and an overweight wife.

Instead, do the 5'o clock shadow. This look is sexy, easy, and what all the handsome men (straight and gay) are sporting.

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