Thursday, December 2, 2010

My top 5 UK obsessions

1. Jedward (Musicians)
adorable twin popstars from Ireland- they are the most adorable, spazzy, innocent guys you've ever seen. They've charmed me.

2. The Misfits (TV Show)
If you ever wished that there was a show that could take the basic concept of Heroes and do it 10 times better you've got Misfits.
And Irish actor Robert Sheehan is especially dreamy.

3. The IT Crowd (TV Show)
Bumbling geeks mixed with nerdy eye candy? Yes please!

4.Russ Chimes (Musician)
The BEST techno music ever. Awesome buildups in every song, and incredible music videos

5.Clara Paget (Socialite)
Don't know too much about her other than she's a pretty little thang from London

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