Friday, January 21, 2011

Makeover: From "Meh" to Dazzling

Want your makeup to last all day? Hair to hold curl? Waist to be tiny?
Read on for my secrets

Me before, not so cute.

Nice, bland face with Mary Kay creme to powder foundation in Ivory 1
Glorious products I will be using
1. Fast Fix Eyeshadow base by Carmindy for Sally Hansen
2. Mary Kay Creme to Powder Foundation in Ivory 1 (not pictured: MK blush in strawberry cream)
3. Revlon 3D extreme mascara
4. Luminizing Face Primer by Carmindy for Sally Hansen
5. Almay Eye Color Enhancer Shadow in Blue
6. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner

Smile when you put on blush so it sits right on the apples of the cheeks
Curl the eyelashes to get an extra "pop" out of your eye makeup
More products:
1.Covergirl Outlast Lip Color
2.Rimmel Light Brown Eye Pencil (for the brows)
3.Random blush & cream shadow I got in LA

For the hair:
I.C.E Styling and Sculpting lotion
Makeups all done and good to go

Time to spray water on the hair to dampen it, then put on the setting lotion so the curl doesn't go flat. Then blow dry it and put the curlers in

Put your hair in hot rollers for about 20 minutes
Sexy, huh? Time to brush these out

With a regular paddle brush, brush the outside and inside of the curls to get that bouncy retro look.

Voila! lovely locks

Time to get dressed now!
So this is the magical undergarments, a push up bra from Victoria's Secret and a 24 inch custom corset I ordered from India that makes my waist crazy small

My favorite, most beautiful skirt from Bettie Page Clothing

The final hair and makeup

And the whole she-bang! ta dah

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