Saturday, January 8, 2011

My 10 Tips For How To Attract A Beautiful, Intelligent Woman:

--> Be brave and always initiate contact, lazy men don't get anywhere
--> Live your life! Be interesting and have stories to tell
--> Playful is good, but vulgarity/profanity is risky (so.. save that for later)
--> Don't have any expectations, let her set the pace.
--> Hands off! Don't touch the merchandise, until she opens up shop
--> Be respectfully honest with your intentions. Even if its just to sleep with her, an open minded woman will appreciate the honesty.
--> If she clearly communicates her disinterest in you, it's not a mind game. Know when to move on
-->Dress nicely, GQ is a man's best friend
--> If you're in charge of planning dates- they should be clever and fun. ie rent a Vespa and explore the city, go to a shooting range, a drive in movie, or to a flea market
-->And the most difficult thing to do: always keep her wanting more. Provide mental stimulation and creative challenges, end conversations before they get dull, be witty, and most importantly, demonstrate a passion for life!

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