Saturday, April 9, 2011

Real Life Pin-Up Friends!

Personality in a nutshell: Bubbly, vivacious, social butterfly. Always going and doing. Very confident and freedom loving
How we met: In a hallway at FIDM, I think we were both working on hw in between classes and struck up a conversation somehow

Personality in a nutshell: Incredibly kind, artistic, and creative person. She's smart, confident and has an old soul
How we met: We were waiting in line to see Dita Von Teese at the World of Wonder art gallery opening in Hollywood for their Bettie Page exhibit.

Personality in a nutshell: This girl is fierce! Strong, confident, but also a lady. Has a generous heart
How we met: at church! I think I noticed her shoes or something.

Personality in a nutshell: Hilarious, sassy, confident, generous, (also my best roommate ever)
How we met: In a speech class at FIDM

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