Thursday, June 23, 2011

Natalie's Top 5 Classy/Beautiful Places In Columbus, OH

Always on a quest for beautiful places filled with equally attractive people, my adventures have led me to these 5 stunning hangouts in Columbus that offer a temporary escape from the boring, the ugly, and the corn fields...

Downtown Columbus

Fleur is a new lounge in downtown that I recently went to- very beautifully designed, elegant, a little expensive- but it's worth it for the scenery.

2.Bar L'etranger
Short North!/BARletranger

A fabulous French themed lounge- I love coming to this place to sit and talk with friends and to get away from the noisier venues. It's not in the greatest part of town though (parking is a problem). But if you can brave the panhandlers, this hole in the wall gem, is worth the trek.

3.Mouton Restaurant
Short North

West Hollywood. all the way. This place reminds me so much of LA- always beautiful people to see there and it's nearly always crowded. Super stylish, tasty fun.

4.The Westin Hotel Lounge
Downtown Columbus

Classy. This is the place for the sophisticated wanderer to sit in luxury, do some people watching, read a book, have a drink.

5.Chocolaterie Stam

A european themed chocolaterie in Westerville? This place is stunning- a beautiful little candy shop with plenty of chocolates, gelato, coffee and more.
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